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Top Ten Seattle Picks

Posted on Jul 16 by

If you’re planning a trip to Seattle, prepare to be inspired after reading my top ten picks from my recent visit. Seattle has a rich history, stellar food scene and a wide...


The Cherry Hut

Posted on Jul 8 by

I didn’t realize cherries were such a big deal in Michigan until I visited the small town of Beulah. James and Dorothy Kraker opened the original Cherry Hut in 1922 on the...



Posted on Jun 27 by

Bittersweet. I might as well relate my upcoming move to my taste buds. Because let’s be real, my mind only works in food terms. I once made the mistake of purchasing bittersweet...


Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop

Posted on Jun 25 by

My taste buds are in a constant battle, sweet or savory? Luckily, I can indulge in the best of both worlds at Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop in Durham, North Carolina....


2014 Farm to Fork Picnic

Posted on Jun 9 by

I had the pleasure of attending the annual Farm to Fork picnic yesterday afternoon in Hurdle Mills, NC. Farm to Fork is an initiative of Slow Food Triangle, The Center for...