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Durham Distillery Launches Products with North Carolina ABC System

Posted on Aug 25 by

Founded in 2013, Durham Distillery is a craft gin and liqueur distillery located in Durham, North Carolina. The company produces premium gins leveraging a differentiated two-step manufacturing process combining time-honored gin making traditions with techniques borrowed from modern chemistry to create spirits that are both classic and contemporary. Yesterday, Durham Distillery announced the arrival of their products in the North Carolina ABC system. Owned by Melissa and Lee Katrincic, Durham Distillery launches with two innovative varieties of premium gin and three varieties of flavored liqueurs. The gins are packaged and sold under the brand name CONNIPTION, and the liqueurs under the brand name DAMN FINE. The distillery will officially open its downtown Durham location for public tours and tastings starting October 1. Durham Distillery is unique in the U.S. craft distilling industry because it is rethinking how to make great gin. Their small-batch gin distillation begins in the 230-liter custom-designed German copper pot still and includes foundational gin ingredients, such as juniper, coriander and cardamom. The vapor infusion method used by the Durham Distillery, as opposed to the standard maceration...


Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen Makes Bushwick’s Best Brisket Banh Mi

Posted on Aug 5 by

Let’s face it, moving sucks! 200 bucks in fees and numerous, sharp hunger pains later, I was all moved in to my new Bushwick apartment off the Myrtle-Wycoff stop. Luckily, I discovered a pho banh mi sandwich to appease my aching belly and wallet. One of my favorite things about Bushwick is walking around the neighborhood, eating at the plethora of taquerias and exploring the 99 cent stores. But this particular day after moving boxes, I just wasn’t in the mood for a carnitas taco, I wanted something filling and delicious. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessed with tacos!) When I stumbled upon Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen off Irving Avenue, I knew I was in for a real treat. Wonderful smells were pouring out of the charming shop, which said “Lucy’s” in cursive writing, surrounded by a heart. I walked inside and was greeted by a smiling Vietnamese man standing behind the counter. Chef Johnny Huynh was raised in Bushwick by his grandmother, Lucy. He’s bringing his love and passion for delicious Vietnamese food to the neighborhood at Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen. Lucy’s...


TerraVita Sixth Annual Food & Drink Festival: Tickets on Sale Now

Posted on Jul 23 by

TerraVita Sixth Annual Food & Drink Festival is committed to spreading the gospel of sustainable food and drink. The festival includes working with award-winning chefs, authors, producers and farmers. Tickets are now on sale for all festival events, October 8-10, 2015.    This year, TerraVita expands upon its signature education series – the Sustainable Classroom – by kicking off the festival weekend with a featured discussion honoring those who use their culinary influence and capital to do good in our community. Industry luminaries, from across the region will connect us with their stories and causes, first independently, then together on a panel. Half of the proceeds from this event will be divided among the charities and causes highlighted by the speakers. “TerraVita is about sharing this passion for sustainable food and drink, but it’s also about developing and supporting community. This event offers the perfect opportunity to connect with each of our speakers in a very personal way and highlight the causes that are near and dear to each of them,” explained founder Colleen Minton. The event will kick...


Smorgasburg Debuts in Queens this Saturday

Posted on Jul 9 by

Have you tried the famous Ramen Burger or enjoyed a Mighty Quinn’s BBQ sandwich? If not, you need to head to Smorgasburg, a Brooklyn food market showcasing 100+ local and regional food vendors. What attracts so many people to Smorgasburg is the wide variety of food vendors. I can start with lumpia for an appetizer and end with a handcrafted ice cream sandwich for dessert. The possibilities are endless! Good news for those of you who love food and visiting Smorgasburg — this popular food market is expanding to Queens starting this Saturday. Smorgasburg crisscrossed the borough searching for as many exotic, ethnic and exciting vendors to represent Queens. My friend Joe DiStefano helped to organize the vendors and I must say, he’s done an excellent job. Joe is pictured below enjoying Papa’s Kitchen’s balut, which is a six-day-old fertilized duck egg. This Filipino vendor will also be offering a stingray sandwich at Smorgasburg. Joe definitely has quite the line up of vendors prepared for the first Smorgasburg in Queens. Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to attend a press event...


Maple Leaf Farms at the Fancy Food Show

Posted on Jun 29 by

The Fancy Food Show is North America’s Largest Specialty Food and Beverage Event held annually in New York City. I had the pleasure of attending the show, which features 180,000 products including confections, cheese, coffee, snacks, spices, ethnic, natural, organic and more. There are 2,400 exhibitors from 50 countries and regions. Maple Leaf Farms is a family-owned company that has been creating duck products since 1958. Big thanks to Maple Leaf Farms for allowing me to attend the Fancy Food Show and #DiscoverDuck! I learned that Maple Leaf Farms raises White Pekin duck, which has a delicious, red meat flavor. Duck is also healthy because it is leaner and has less saturated fats than other meats. One of Maple Leaf Farms’ duck products that captures the attention of many people at the Fancy Food Show is their duck bacon. Yes, you heard that correctly! The duck bacon is applewood smoked and made exclusively with boneless duck breast meat. This thick cut bacon takes just a few minutes to crisp in a skillet or convection oven. Plus, duck bacon has 57% less fat and 26% less sodium than...


Top 4 Strangest Foods Eaten in the Philippines

Posted on Jun 17 by

Growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina didn’t exactly expose me to adventurous food. It wasn’t until my 20’s that I was given the opportunity to try pig anus and cod sperm sack. Seriously, I’m not lying — just attend a Blind Pig offal dinner and you’ll see. Although I’ve tried some obscure foods, eating through the Philippines is in a league of its own when it comes to “strange” foods. To my surprise, most were actually delicious! Please allow me to introduce you to the top four strangest foods I ate during my adventures in Cebu. Chicken Intestine Larsian sa Fuente is one of Cebu City’s most famous barbecue spots. Imagine 10 or more street food vendors set up around the perimeter of a paved lot with carts full of skewered raw meat and seafood. The massive grill sits in the middle of the food carts while Filipinos and tourists alike crowd around at tables, all using plastic gloves to eat barbecued meats with steamed rice. Eating at Larsian sa Fuente is an experience I’ll always remember because this was the first time I ever...