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What’s the first thing you think about when the NC State Fair comes to town? Deep fried food, of course! The latest deep fried creations certainly take the stage at the NC State Fair. I expect the lines to be massive for this year’s deep fried Red Velvet Oreos, Cow Tails and Sugar Daddy’s from Paul Amburn’s famous “Sugar Shack.” Be on the lookout for my deep fried blog post where I go behind the scenes to work at the Sugar Shack. That’s right, folks. This time I’ll be behind the deep fryer!

Not only is the latest deep fried concoction a main attraction, but the cakes are always among one of the best fair exhibits. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the cakes on display this year at the NC State Fair.

The NC State Fair is about celebrating food and agriculture along with some healthy competition. Your pickled jalapeños could win a blue ribbon from the home preservation competition or you could walk away with a pretty penny for your hog. Today I had the pleasure to serve as a judge for the home preservation competition. Although my tongue was on fire after eating a few pickled peppers, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a morning. Make sure to visit the home preservation exhibit in the Education Building to see the “Best in Show” display. Some of the jars you’ll see on display for “Best in Show” include lemon basil jelly, pickled green beans, strawberry rhubarb jam, peach preserves and dried figs. Special thanks to Ben Chapman for organizing the home preservation judges. I had an excellent time judging pickled okra, peppers and pickles today.