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Giant Jenga pieces crash to the floor and patrons sip on craft beers ranging from the St. Pete Blonde Ale to the Stern Line Stout. Not only is 3 Daughters Brewing an adult playground filled with life-sized versions of your favorite childhood games, but the brewery serves as owners Mike and Leigh Harting’s playful outlet to dream up exciting new craft beers with head brewer Ty Weaver. With 14 beers on tap, there’s truly a craft beer style for every palate, as well as plenty of games, live entertainment, food trucks and more to entice even the non-drinkers and children to join in on the fun at 3 Daughters Brewing.


3 Daughters Brewing all started with Mike Harting’s wish to create a special beer-battered fish recipe for his former St. Pete Italian restaurant, Bella Brava. Soon, Mike was offering his chef’s homebrew beer on tap as the perfect pairing. Chef Ty Weaver’s small homebrew operation escalated to brewing upwards of three times a week for Bella Brava, and this beer quickly became the number one beer on tap at the restaurant. Discovering their passion for creating innovative craft beer, Ty and Mike decided to take things to the next level and thus, 3 Daughters Brewing was born.


Mike and Leigh are passionate about family; they often joked as the brewery was being built, “how many beers do we have to sell to put 3 Daughters through college?” (Hence the name!) When Swig visited 3 Daughters Brewing, Leigh stressed the importance of her family as well as the greater Florida community. 3 Daughters Brewing is a leader in the Florida craft beer scene and serves as a sponsor for the University of South Florida St. Petersburg College of Arts and Sciences’ Brewing Arts Program. This program provides students with the foundational knowledge and training for a successful career in the fast growing industry of craft brewing. 3 Daughters Brewing has a laboratory at the brewery that runs tests on craft beer and gives interns with the Brewing Arts Program hands-on experience.

The St. Petersburg, Florida craft beer scene is booming and 3 Daughters Brewing supports their neighboring breweries and businesses.3 Daughters Brewing recently expanded their operation to include new a new 10,000 square foot facility. This additional warehouse is located on the same property as the original brewery and positions 3 Daughters Brewing as one of the largest breweries in the state. The brewery also utilized a St. Petersburg manufacturer, BrewFab, to build six new 150 BBL fermenters and two 300 BBL brite tanks for the expansion, further stressing the importance of keeping money flowing through the local economy.

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