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If you’re into cycling, one of my favorite tours was through the Cape Greco National Forest Park. This park was founded in 1993, and is nestled midway between the busy resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Cycling is definitely an affordable and fun way to explore a new area. For only 5 euros, I rented a bicycle for 24 hours from a local shop in Ayia Napa. The bicycle was complete with a basket and lock. What a deal!


Courtney and I set out for our adventure with our first stop being the Sea Caves. This was by far the highlight of our tour. After cycling up a few steep hills and on dirt roads, we reached the Sea Caves drenched in sweat. If I could do it all over again, I would pack more water, beers and a proper picnic lunch.


If you’re interested in visiting the Sea Caves, make sure you have sturdy water shoes. You’ll be scaling walls and climbing down rocks to get to the sea – but I can assure you, the risk is totally worth it! The water is so blue and clear that you can see all the way to the bottom. As you’re swimming, you’ll be surrounded by natural caves that have been carved out by the sea. The coolest place I’ve ever been swimming is definitely the Ayia Napa Sea Caves.


The second stop on our cycling tour was the famous Cape Greco, a natural bridge that sits over the Mediterrannean Sea. Apparently you aren’t allowed to climb on the bridge, but I was feeling a little rebellious. It’s so interesting to see this natural structure and to stand on top of it is just something else!


Just down the hill from Cape Greco is a quaint Grecian style church that’s definitely worth seeing. It overlooks the sea, and you’ll most likely make friends with one of the many cats lounging on the cool stone floor.


After cycling for many hours in the afternoon’s hot sun, we went to Protaras Beach to relax. It’s the perfect way to end a cycling tour of the beautiful Cape Greco Park. I highly suggest this cycling tour if you’re at an intermediate level due to the amount of hills and heat.