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Founded in 2013, Durham Distillery is a craft gin and liqueur distillery located in Durham, North Carolina. The company produces premium gins leveraging a differentiated two-step manufacturing process combining time-honored gin making traditions with techniques borrowed from modern chemistry to create spirits that are both classic and contemporary.


Yesterday, Durham Distillery announced the arrival of their products in the North Carolina ABC system. Owned by Melissa and Lee Katrincic, Durham Distillery launches with two innovative varieties of premium gin and three varieties of flavored liqueurs. The gins are packaged and sold under the brand name CONNIPTION, and the liqueurs under the brand name DAMN FINE. The distillery will officially open its downtown Durham location for public tours and tastings starting October 1.

Durham Distillery_outside

Durham Distillery is unique in the U.S. craft distilling industry because it is rethinking how to make great gin. Their small-batch gin distillation begins in the 230-liter custom-designed German copper pot still and includes foundational gin ingredients, such as juniper, coriander and cardamom. The vapor infusion method used by the Durham Distillery, as opposed to the standard maceration techniques, produces a cleaner, crisper premium-tasting gin. Added to the base are a variety of delicate botanicals; all vacuum distilled at room temperature to retain integrity and flavor profile.

Durham Distillery_still

Durham Distillery’s CONNIPTION gin brand products are American Dry (44% ALC/VOL, 750 ml) and Navy Strength (57% ALC/VOL, 750 ml). They retail for $33.95 and $38.95, respectively.

Durham Distiller_cocktail

Durham Distillery’s line of premium liqueurs, DAMN FINE, are available in coffee, mocha and chocolate flavors, and are made with ingredients sourced from local area favorites, Slingshot Coffee Company and Videri Chocolate Factory.  Gluten-free with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, each 375 ml bottle (16-17% ALC/VOL) retails for $23.95.

Durham Distillery_products

Cheers! I hope you’ll pay a visit to the new Durham Distillery location when they open in October 2015.