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Craft beer is starting to make waves in Cyprus, which it’s quite fitting for this country surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Cyprus is a deeply historic island and also a place of great importance when it comes to brewing. Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company is fully operational and the first high quality, small-batch craft brewery licensed in Cyprus. Less than 10km from the brewery are the 3,500 year old bronze-age remains of an ancient traditional brewery. According to history, the brewery would have been tended by the wives of the Cypriot nomadic hunter-gatherers of the time.


Image via Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company

Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company is committed to continuing history, and brews handcrafted beers in small, personally-tended batches using mineral-rich spring water from the brewery’s own well. The brewery is a family business employing well qualified and highly experienced brewing specialists from Great Britain and Cyprus who create a wide range of fresh, full-flavoured locally handcrafted beers.

To ease newcomers into craft beer, the brewery’s Rock Premium is the perfect starting point. According to Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company, the Rock Premium is “a rarity in a world of ‘real ales’ – a precision hand-crafted Bavarian lager.” The brewery blends a rich base of Bavarian pilsner and crystal malts with grassy and flowery Hallertau Hersbrucker and other aromatic hops. The Rock Premium is a favorite among Cypriots who want to kick their typical lager beers up a notch. As you can imagine, it gets quite hot in Cyprus. Lagers and pilsners are quite popular, and this 4.8% ABV beer is a perfect introduction to the craft beer scene.

Another favorite among the Cypriots is the London Porter. At 4.5% ABV, the London Porter is a very drinkable, refreshing beer with a slight roasted malt finish. It’s a faithful reproduction of a traditional 18th century English-style porter. Aphrodite’s Rock’s London Porter has delicious flavors of caramel and rich chocolate with a hint of spice, pouring dark and creamy. I enjoyed this beer at a locally owned bar in Nicosia called BrewFellas, and it was the perfect way to end a day spent touring around Nicosia, the only split capital city in the world — occupied by Turkey and Greece.


Photo via TripAdvisor

If you’re interested in history and love craft beer, Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company is a must-see when in Cyprus. Pay a visit to the brewpub for some delicious beers and food. You’ll love being surrounded by history and the rolling hills of Paphos.

Top image credited to My Cyprus Insider, original post from Swig