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After spending over a month traveling in Italy, I must say the Italians definitely know their food and drink. I first learned about the Aperol Spritz and aperitivo in Modena, which is one of the most amazing towns in Italy for food. Heck, Chef Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana is located in this small Northern Italian town and is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 restaurants in the world!

So, what exactly is aperitivo? It’s the time before dinner when Italians meet up with friends and family for a drink and light snacks. Aperitivo gives you a chance to socialize and nibble as the dinner hour approaches. Although it’s more popular in the north of Italy, you’ll find aperitivo throughout the country. Common foods served during aperitivo include olives and potato chips, however, some places are more elaborate with fresh pizza, cold cuts, savory pastries or even fresh mozzarella. Here’s one of my plates during aperitivo along with an Aperol Spritz.


Friend and renowned Italian pastry chef Luca Balboni who I visited while in Modena explains, “Drinks during the aperitivo time usually include a bubbly wine or a bitter drink like an Aperol Spritz.” The carbonation and bitter taste of the Aperol Spritz is meant to “open” the palate. Plus, this drink is perfect before dinner because it has a low alcohol content of around 11%. Best of all, the Aperol Spritz is easy to prepare so you can host your own Italian aperitivo time at home. Just follow this simple recipe below.


Aperol Spritz

3 parts prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 part soda water
1 orange slice

Pour all ingredients over ice in a wine glass and top with a slice of orange.

Cin cin!

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