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From media professional to beekeeper, Claire Marin made her life sweeter with homegrown honey.

While working a hectic career in the media business, Claire Marin began beekeeping as a hobby in 2003. She enjoyed beekeeping because it took her mind off of her busy schedule and allowed her to discover a new passion. With multiple beehives and a love for the hobby, Claire reevaluated her life and quit her job in 2010 to create Catskill Provisions, a premier artisan food company.

Catskill Provisions produces local products ranging from ketchup to chocolate honey truffles. Claire manages over 300 beehives in Delaware, Sullivan and Madison counties, as well as one hive in Manhattan. The honey from the beehives is used in all of her products, which are 100% raw and local.


In 2013, Catskill Provisions bottled its first batch of New York Honey Whiskey, distilled at Finger Lakes Distilling on Seneca Lake. The whiskey is made from 80% rye grow by local New York farmers and 20% malted barley. The malted barley is aged for two and a half years in new American oak charred barrels, which gives the whiskey a complex and spicy flavor.

Once the whiskey is aged, it is placed into a vat and infused with Claire’s honey, harvested from beehives in late summer and early fall. This honey is darker in color with more intense flavors and high sucrose, which is perfect when infused in whiskey.

New York Honey Whiskey is available at many New York City restaurants. Upland (345 Park Ave S.) uses Catskill Provisions in the “Late Summer Honey” cocktail. Along with the whiskey, the cocktail includes Laird’s Apple Brandy and Demerara sugar, served with a large ice cube and an orange twist. With just the right amount of sweetness, this cocktail will warm you after just one sip.

Upland Restaurant Late Summer Honey Cocktail

If you want to try the whiskey in cocktails yourself, you can also purchase a bottle online.

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