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My dream to attend Oktoberfest in München became a reality this week. Beer truly connects people. It’s incredible to be surrounded by a variety of people who are celebrating happiness and yelling “Prost” as they clank their mugs of beer together in unison.

Everyone is smiling, singing and dancing at Oktoberfest. Courtney and I were quick to make friends as soon as we entered one of the massive tents. The first day we attended Oktoberfest we easily found an empty table at the Schottenhamel Festhalle. Within minutes after ordering a maß, a table of six locals called us over to join in on their fun. We danced on tables, belted out “Ein Prosit” and made new friends. 20131002-172147.jpgDay turned to night and my two liters of beer vanished amidst the fun. The brass band continuously played in the background as German fraternity boys were kicked out of the tent for chugging their beer. Tourists and locals were celebrating together. Beer brings people together, no matter your walk of life or where you’re from.

The second evening of Oktoberfest, we made our way to the Paulaner tent. I’m definitely a believer in fate. Of course, we met a pastry chef and barista from Israel. I was astonished by photographs of the gorgeous eclairs, French macarons and latte art the men shared with us. We shared laughter as they attempted to teach Courtney and me how to whistle, a pathetic sight! I was quickly dancing the night away and being swept off my feet with a liter of beer in hand. 20131002-172038.jpgThe tent reached closing time and we wandered outside in the crisp fall night. While munching on warm, cinnamon almonds, we left our new friends and the bright Ferris wheel lights behind. 20131002-172106.jpgI honestly hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience Oktoberfest at least one time. It was a bittersweet feeling to leave München. I made many of my favorite memories at Oktoberfest and I’m excited to create more as my trip throughout Germany progresses. 20131002-172022.jpg