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Once upon a time, there lived a young woman, banker by profession. Her heart lay far beyond the world of vaults, mortgages and ATMs; she loved to travel, eat, drink, and explore the world. The simple pleasures of home held a special place in her heart too, so between trips, she satisfied her wanderlust in other ways. She roamed the halls of Pemberly, spied treasure islands from the decks of the H.M.S. Hispaniola, and even fell through a rabbit hole into a most unusual tea party.

Soon, the young woman’s love of reading spilled over into one of her other hobbies: mixology. A few of her friends suggested she write down her recipes for literary cocktails and one in particular (thanks, Kristen!) agreed to sponsor her as a guest on her blog from time to time. Our young heroine, Lindsay Milligan by name, in conjunction with Gadabout Food, hope you enjoy the literary libations by Once Upon A Cocktail!

Holly Golightly: Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

To kick off the Once Upon A Cocktail series, we’ll begin with a good way to start the day: a lovely brunch cocktail! Like Holly herself, this drink is bubbly, light, and has a taste of the finer things in life. It’s quite simple, which some may scoff at, but who says you need hard to find ingredients and lots of complicated steps to mix a good drink? This is supposed to be fun!


1/3 cup Champagne or another sparkling wine (I like mine on the dry side, but you pick your favorite)
1/3 cup Lemonade (homemade is preferable, but I don’t stick my nose up at Country Time)
4 drops of a Blue Curaçao (to make it Tiffany blue, of course!)

Mix the ingredients in a champagne flute and enjoy! If you like a lighter cocktail, use more lemonade. Like it drier? More champagne. A blueberry makes a nice garnish too.