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“Once Upon a Cocktail” is a guest blog series by Lindsay Milligan featuring delicious cocktail recipes inspired by favorite literary characters. Enjoy!

Since the last two recipes featured heroines, I thought I’d let the guys have the spotlight today. One of my favorite books of all time is Gone With The Wind and everyone knows that Rhett Butler makes the story. Without him, Scarlett would have no one to challenge her and we’d be left to make do with whiny, slow-witted Ashley as our hero (no offence intended to you Ashley fans out there, if there are any…). This drink uses ingredients found right here in the Carolinas and the finished product, spicy, strong, and Southern, will knock you right off your feet and carry you up the stairs! 


Rhett Butler: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

1 part bourbon
2 parts Blenheim’s Ginger Ale (if you don’t know, Blenheim’s is a soda made in South Carolina and has a very strong spicy ginger flavor with no sweetness to it whatsoever. If you’re feeling extra manly and Rhett-like, you can use Blenheim’s Extra Hot which will light you on fire. Be warned.)
Fresh mint

Muddle the mint in the bottom of a rocks glass. Add ice, bourbon, and Blenheim’s. Stir to combine.