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As an ode to Brooklyn and the borough’s amazing local producers, I recently visited Lofted Coffee in Bushwick to concoct a new spin on the traditional White Russian cocktail — A Menshevik Ménages à Trois.

Photo via Lofted Coffee

Located in a loft off Varick Street amongst Bushwick’s many warehouses, Lofted Coffee roasts high-quality, sustainable coffee. As co-owner Tobin Polk prepared a fresh pourover, operations manager Aric Carroll showed me around the 1000-square foot loft. Potted plants, old briefcases and coffee equipment lined the shelves, and the aroma of freshly ground coffee filled the cozy room. Charlie, Lofted Coffee’s friendly cat, even played amongst the burlap bags of coffee beans sitting on the wooden floor.

Tobin of Lofted Coffee

Aric Carroll is also assistant distiller of Industry City Distillery, an experimental distillery located in Brooklyn’s Industry City. The distillery’s Industry Standard Vodka is a beet sugar vodka distilled on equipment the team designed and built in Brooklyn. This vodka is perfect in our new version of the White Russian because it has hints of vanilla and a touch of spice.

By using Industry City Distillery’s Technical Reserve (think a classier version of Everclear) and coffee grounds from Lofted Coffee, Aric created a Lofted Coffee Technical Reserve Extraction. Along with Industry Standard Vodka, this coffee extraction is the perfection addition to the “A Menshevik Ménages à Trois” cocktail — a Brooklyn spin on the classic White Russian. You can easily create this cocktail at home by following the recipe below.

Aric Carroll of Lofted Coffee and Industry City Distillery

A Menshevik Ménages à Trois

1 tsp Fine and Raw chocolate espresso bar (chocolate from a local Bushwick producer)
1 large ice cube
10 mL water
20 mL simple syrup
30 mL Industry City Distillery’s Industry Standard Vodka
10 mL Lofted Coffee Technical Reserve Extraction (see directions below)
1 cup half and half or milk

Lofted Coffee Technical Reserve Extraction Directions
Grind 70 grams of Lofted Coffee and place into a bowl. Pour Industry City Distillery’s Technical Reserve over the coffee grounds and cover. Let sit overnight, and then strain. Place the strained extraction in a bottle and set aside.

Cocktail Directions
Finely shave Fine and Raw’s chocolate espresso bar and place shavings in the bottom of a glass. Place large ice cube in the glass. Pour water, simple syrup, vodka and coffee extraction into the glass. Fill the remainder of the glass with half and half or milk. Top the cocktail with a pinch of chocolate shavings. Gently stir and serve. Cheers!

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Photo via Lofted Coffee