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The Daily Meal recently released the article, “America’s 50 Best Bakeries.” From mom-and-pop shops to the high-end patisseries, The Daily Meal highlighted a wide variety of bakeries. Fortunately, I have visited a few on the list. What can I say? I have quite the sweet tooth.

The Daily Meal’s article caused me to reminisce about my visit to Flour Bakery in Boston. Owner and pastry chef Joanne Chang is one of the sweetest people. Do you think that’s a requirement when you’re around sugar all day? Nonetheless, I wanted to meet Joanne because I have idolized her for many years and enjoy following her on Twitter. On a whim, I sent Joanne an email, which I found on the bakery’s website. She actually responded!  Joanne kindly replied telling me her schedule for the morning I was to arrive in Boston. Although our schedules didn’t mesh, I still paid a visit to the bakery’s original location in the South End.

Flour Bakery in Boston

Joanne is known for her sticky buns. Yes, the sticky buns that beat Bobby Flay’s on an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Pair a sticky bun with a chai latte, and I’d call that one delicious breakfast. I agree with Flour Bakery’s motto, “Make life sweeter…eat dessert first!”

Sticky Bun and Chai

Oh my, the sticky bun. I’m sure people were staring at me as I demolished the whole pastry with a huge smile on my face. The sticky bun’s dough was soft and stretched after each bite I took out of the heavenly creation. I didn’t mind that the bun was dripping in buttery “goo,” a mixture of butter, brown sugar, water, heavy cream and honey. The crunchy pecans were even perfect. I tweeted Joanne telling her I could die happy after my first bite. She graciously thanked me for my visit and kind words.

Flour Bakery Sticky Bun

I still have dreams about this sticky bun and would love to meet Joanne one day. If you’re ever in Boston, this bakery is a must. And if you would please ship me a box of sticky buns for the recommendation, I’d be quite thrilled!