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With more than just tacos and expansion on the brain, Jody Lytton is in search of a new name for his Chubby’s Tacos empire.

Chubby's Tacos Owner, Jody

Due to copyright issues, the mouse and name have to go. Jody received over 1,000 entries for the new name and has narrowed down the options to five. Here’s his thought process, as stated in an email I received this evening:

  1. I want to get away from any words related to fat. So tubby, chunky, gordo, and any plays on the word chubby were immediately out.
  2. Over the past 5+ years, we have found that by having the word ‘tacos’ in the name, it quickly pigeon-holed many people to only a small portion of the menu. As such, no tacos, burritos, etc.
  3. We are looking towards expansion, so local names such as Durham, Raleigh, Triangle, 440, Bull City, … are no good.
  4. The chubby mouse is being retired. Same reason as the name Chubby’s: we can not license it. He is too similar to Speedy Gonzalez. This means that mouse and rat references are off the list.
  5. I like the name cantina. It gives the impression of fun and low key – not pretentious. Kinda like the current Chubby’s.

With that said, the list has been narrowed down to the following five names:

Hola Amigos Cantina
Hola Joe’s Cantina
Jose Iguana’s Cantina
Jose Torteeya’s Cantina
Pico Joe’s Cantina

So, which one will it be? Think about the names, potential logos and how it sounds. Most importantly, would you eat there? Comment below.

Chubby's Tacos