Gadabout: a restless seeker. Webster might as well replace the word “gadabout” with my name, Kristen Baughman. My Google calendar is never empty. Life would be boring if I didn’t dedicate myself to spending time with my friends, family, clients and CouchSurfers. There’s one common theme that runs through my numerous social and professional activities — food.

My work at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services inspired my first blog, the 43 Day Local Food Challenge, where my mission was to eat only locally grown and produced foods. I later served as the “Foodie” blogger for Visit Raleigh where I ate and drank my way around Greater Raleigh.

I moved to Brooklyn, New York in August 2014 and headed back to Raleigh, North Carolina to start a boutique media agency, Tabletop Media Group, supporting food, beverage and agriculture clients. I also serve as a freelance writer for food publications and as the editor of Swig.

Not only am I dedicated to documenting information about the local food scene, but my CouchSurfing experiences and travels around the world revolve around food. Gadabout Food is my creative outlet to share my food, beverage and travel adventures.

If you’re interested in hiring me to help your food, beverage or agriculture business, please visit Tabletop Media Group’s contact page.